EPFL CAS in Circular Value Networks - Info Session & Guest Lecture


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Date 14.07.2022 18:3020:00  
Speaker Elaine Moran, Executive director Carlos Alvarez Pereira, VP Club of Rome
Location Online
Category Conferences - Seminars
Event Language English

It is with great pleasure that we bring you the second info session for our upcoming CAS in "Circular Value Networks". As with any of our sessions, we wanted to bring along another one of our esteemed lecturers for the program:

Mr. Carlos Alvarez Pereira - Vice President of The Club of Rome (which, 50 years ago, commissioned the first iteration of the "Limits to Growth" publication, the first of its kind detailing the systems limitations of our current economic model)

Come join us to chat about all things circularity and what the future of the supply chain profession will look like [and how to get ready for it].

See you online on the 14th!


18.30 Introduction to EPFL & CAS Programs

18.45 Guest Lecture by Carlos Alvarez Pereira, VP Club of Rome

19.15 Alumni Testimonial

19.20 Q&A