EPFL Workshop on 'New Horizons in MRI'


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Date 24.09.2021 09:0017:00  
Speaker Prof. Andrew Webb, Leiden University.  Prof. Klaus Scheffler, Max Planck Insitute, Tübingen. Prof. Nicole Seiberlich, University of Michigan. Prof. Michael Lustig, UC Berkeley. Prof. Benedikt Poser, Maastricht University. Prof. Kawin Setsompop, Stanford University. 
Category Conferences - Seminars
Event Language English

MRI is one of the most powerful and versatile modalities for medical imaging. Far beyond the initial expectations, the modality has kept improving steadily both in terms of performance and scope during the past few decades, and shows no sign of slowing down.

To identify the hottest topics and future trends in MRI research, EPFL is organising a full day of discussion and brainstorming with world-leading experts in the field. The full program is available on https://go.epfl.ch/mri. 

The workshop will be broadcasted live online for free! To receive access to the webinar, please register on the dedicated webpage. Note that due to the current sanitary situation, attendance of the physical event is restricted to invited guests.