Exploring Longevity in the Future of Health


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Date 27.08.2024
Hour 16:3018:30
Category Conferences - Seminars
Event Language English
This year, the Future of Health Grant conference will delve into the captivating theme of “Longevity”. Explore the intricate factors influencing both lifespan and healthspan – how long we live and how long we live in good health. Discover the latest trends and innovations driving the field of longevity and understand its crucial role in our healthcare system. Engage with thought leaders, experts, and startups as we navigate these questions and more.

Events Highlights:
  • Get insights from Patrick Aebischer, President Emeritus EPFL and Co-founder of Timeline, in his keynote “Hope and pitfalls of longevity research and investment.”
  • Immerse yourself in visionary discussions, innovative breakthroughs, and get a glimpse into the future of healthcare. 
  • Connect with Future of Health Grant alumni and discover firsthand the disruptive startups of our Fall 2024 cohort. 
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  • General public
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