Generation, Evolution, and Observations of Cosmological Magnetic Fields


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Date 29.04.2024 07.06.2024
Hour 09:0012:30
Speaker Brandenburg Axel Schaller Matthieu Rogachevskii Igor Pogosian Levon Teyssier Romain Jedamzik Karsten Stasyszyn Federico Dolag Klaus Subramanian Kandaswamy Trivedi Pranjal Hosking David Finelli Fabio Kachelriess Michael Mtchedlidze Salome Paola Dominguez Fernandez He Yutong Shchutskyi Nikyta Karapiperis Orestis Schiff Jonathan Ralegankar Pranjal Pavicevic Mak Colazo Patricio Kunze Kerstin Unger Michael Alves Batista Rafael Sigl Günter Vazza Franco Paoletti Daniela Vacca Valentina Saveliev Andrey Chluba Jens Montaruli Teresa Meyer Manuel Semikoz Dmitri Trivedi Pranjal Bondarenko Kyrylo Maiti Subhasis Ghosh Oindrila Van Vliet Arjen Asadi Kosar 
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Observations of gamma-ray blazars indicate the presence of intergalactic magnetic fields (IGMF) in the cosmic voids of the large scale structure (LSS) of our current observable Universe. Although their origin is still an open problem, they are possibly relics from the early Universe. New-generation gamma-ray and radio observatories, like the Cherenkov Telescope Array Observatory and the Square Kilometer Array Observatory, respectively, are expected to provide us with detailed measurements of IGMF in different elements of the LSS, including voids and filaments, and clarify the origin of the IGMF in voids.

The main objective of the program is to provide a comprehensive description of cosmological magnetic fields, from the different proposed mechanisms of magnetic field production in the early Universe (first meeting of the program) to their current and future observational probes (third meeting of the program), including BBN, CMB, and the LSS. The program will also review the prospects of combining astrophysical observations with the possible detection of a stochastic gravitational wave background to study primordial magnetic fields in a multi-messenger approach. The evolution of cosmological magnetic fields from their time of generation until the present time is the topic of the second meeting of the program.

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  • Alexey Boyarsky (Leiden University and EPFL) Chiara Caprini (Universite de Geneve and CERN) Michaela Hirschmann (EPFL) Teresa Montaruli (Universite de Geneve) Andrii Neronov (Astroparticule et Cosmologie and EPFL) Yves Revaz (EPFL) Alberto Roper Pol (Universite de Geneve) Jennifer Schober (EPFL)


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