Impact of electromobility on the power system


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Date 25.01.2022 15:0017:30  
Speaker Prof. Mario Paolone, DESL-EPFL and others.
Location Online
Category Conferences - Seminars
Event Language English

In Switzerland, the transportation sector accounts for approximately 40% of the CO2equ emissions, representing a higher share compared to the average in EU and USA (27% and 35%, respectively). Furthermore, this share has doubled over the last 50 years and still has a positive trend. Considering that the private vehicles cover half of these emissions, the electrification of the private transport sector is regarded as a strategic action to achieve the national climate and energy objectives.

Within this context, Electric Vehicles (EVs) represent 15% of the new sales with a strong increasing trend. The substantial electrification of the private mobility generates fundamental questions, namely: (a) can we rigorously quantify the CO2 emissions of private transportation in Switzerland as a function of the vehicles’ technology? (b) What are the implications for the power grid associated with the massive EVs’ rollout, and how we could avoid or mitigate potential impacts?

During this IEEE workshop, researchers from academia and industry will share their recent findings and views on this topic.