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Date 17.06.2020 01.06.2021
Hour 23:59
Speaker Lang/Baumann, duo d'artistes suisses
Patio extérieur du Rolex Learning Center
Category Exhibitions
> Video of the perilous installation of the sculpture Up #4

The Swiss artist duo Lang/Baumann (L/B) was invited by the CDH-Culture to imagine and create a sculpture installed from June to December 2020 in a patio of the Rolex Learning Center. With its 9,2 m. height, Up #4 is a masterful response to the architecture of the Rolex Learning Center, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

Opening: Thursday, September 24, at 17h.
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Since 1990, Sabina Lang (1972) and Daniel Baumann (1967) have been working as a duo. Installations, sculptures, wall or floor paintings and architectural interventions constitute a set of artistic practices that include a common element of anchoring and reference: space. Most of their works are specific to the site that receives them. At EPFL, they have sought to understand in a global and detailed manner the components of the place, the architecture and the context. The Rolex Learning Center has become their object of knowledge and their action aims to give a replica, as in a play, to this so original architecture.

The opening will take place in September 2020

Up #4
Tubular structure in white lacquered steel
Height: 8.75 m.
Surface area : 43 m2
Weight: 2.4 t.
> Installation video

Up #4 rests on the ground and rises diagonally to the sky, crossing the circular space of the patio while buttressing itself against one of the walls. A stretched and bent U-shape obscures the circular space. Taking up the curves of the building in its moulding, the structure with broken angles evokes both a ladder and a slide and offers, by securing it to the floor, a sort of escape from the inside to the outside. One of the major characteristics of the Rolex Learning Center is the connection between the inside and the outside, Up #4 highlights this exchange and operates a kind of extension of the building, an increase in the form of a fleeting support on the ground and a push to the vertical, a dimension absent from the horizontality of the building. It also adds an illusion of imbalance in this very balanced space. Clever and slightly off-beat, this sculpture creates the unexpected in a known and familiar place.

Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann (Lang/Baumann) live in Burgdorf in the canton of Bern. In 2002, they made themselves known to a broad public with the creation of Everland, a vintage hotel room installed on Lake Neuchâtel in Yverdon-les-Bains as part of Expo.02. This unusual capsule then took its place on the roof of the Palais de Tokyo in Paris. Often in situ and linked to public space or architecture, their works are ephemeral or permanent installations in parks, streets, buildings, museums and art centres, mainly in Switzerland and Europe. Both artists work with a wide range of materials: wood, metal, paint, and inflatable structures and excel in projects that divert familiar objects from their usual use or context.
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