Low Earth Orbit Kinetic Space Safety Workshop


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Date 04.05.2022 06.05.202207:0019:00  
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Due to the current situation with the COVID-19 Pandemic, dates are submitted to change

NOTE: this workshop is currently proposed in a hybrid format: on site + online. Detailed agenda and links will be updated soon.

*Kinetic Space Safety: All measures to minimize collision risk for current and future space

The rapid growth in commercial space activity in recent years has led to a dramatic increase in the population of objects in low-Earth orbit (LEO) and growing concern over the implications for both the near-term safety of operational satellites and the longer-term stability of the space environment. In response, industry groups have come forward with proposals for best practices, national policies are highlighting the importance of space sustainability, regulators are updating satellite licensing conditions, and all 87 member states of the UN COPUOS have endorsed guidelines for the long-term sustainability of outer space activities.  In parallel, there is healthy dialogue in technical, policy, and public fora, debating the magnitude of the problem, the measures that should be taken, and the challenges such proposals present.
These issues have galvanized stakeholder communities, but specific and meaningful actions to address the associated challenges remain largely elusive, despite the plethora of webinars and conferences dedicated to space sustainability, space traffic management, orbital debris, and the like.

Objectives and expected outcome

The LEO Kinetic Space Safety Workshop aims to provide solutions and actions - we will bring together international experts, space practitioners, and interested parties to debate specific actions that can be taken to enhance collisional space safety in LEO. Over the course of two days, keynote speakers will detail the current state-of-the-art in spacecraft tolerance to impact, collision avoidance, debris prevention, and debris remediation.
Roundtable discussions will then lead to an interactive assessment of proposed enhancements in each of these areas, focusing on the costs, benefits, maturities, and resistances associated with specific recommendations to enhance kinetic space safety. Community polling will be conducted prior to and following the workshop, and results of the workshop and community polling will be published.
The workshop organizers also intend to publish a position paper (Summer/Fall 2022), informed by this workshop, with specific recommendations that will serve as a call to action for addressing these growing challenges. This paper will be published in a variety of public fora with a priority on focusing the community – operators, developers, space agencies, regulators, academia, and others – to advance their respective communities toward a safer LEO environment. A second paper detailing the community polling results before and after the workshop will also be published.

The need is clear.    The objective is clear.    The path is yet to be decided.    Join us!