Micro-Ethics for Project Teams


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Date 23.03.2023
Hour 17:1520:00
Speaker Siara Isaac
Category Internal trainings
Event Language English

This workshop deals with ‘micro’ ethics – the actions of individual engineers in their relations and interactions with other people*. There is good evidence that diverse teams can be more productive and effective than homogeneous teams, but diverse teams generate more issues around ethical interaction. This workshop will provide you with tools to be more aware of when/how issues arise and strategies to work more productively and fairly in heterogeneous teams. These tools will be immediately applicable in your current project, and also form a solid basis of intercultural communication for working in international or multinational contexts. 96% of students who have participated in this workshop agreeing with the statement “Overall, I think this workshop is useful for engineering students.”

This interactive workshop is mandatory for students in interdisciplinary projects funded by the MAKE committee (Racing Team, Robocontest, Solar Boat, GrowBotHub, Rocket Team, etc). But anyone who would like to attend is welcome!

Les supports de l'atelier sont en anglais, mais votre participation en français est bienvenue.

If you have any questions, just drop us a line [email protected]

*The 2 other main aspects of being an ethical engineer are managing the ’macro’ societal impacts technological advances (like the way social networks and AI are changing societies) and ‘meso’ or institution-level decisions (like a company’s ethical procurement policies).


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