MT180: Public Selections - 2nd series


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Date 02.02.2024
Hour 12:1513:30
Speaker PhD Students / doctorantes et doctorants
Category Public Science Events
Event Language French, English

Some fourty EPFL Students registered to take part in the 8th Edition of the Competition My Thesis in 180 seconds (MT180).

For each participant, the goal is to present his or her research in simple, straightforward terms in 3 minutes before an audience. This is thus an exercise in popularizing the thesis and explaining it, in French or English, in a clear, concise and compelling manner – all with the support of a single slide !

The selections are open to the public and take place on Wednesday 24 January, Friday 2 February and Wednesday 7 February 2024. Unlike the final, the selections are not recorded for the public. Colleagues, friends, families, thesis directors, come to listen to them and encourage them!

Fourteen participants will be selected by the jury for the EPFL final which will take place on 21 March 2024.

Running Order - Selections 2 February 2024

  1. Beatrice Vaienti, « Jerusalem 1840-1940: a Genealogy of Cartographic Inventions » (Prof. Frédéric Kaplan and Dr. Isabella Di Lenardo), English
  2. Ali Saadat, « Genomics analysis of anti-viral immunity » (Prof. Jacques Fellay), English
  3. Stefan Ilic, « Robotic Food Scientist for Optimization of Plant Based Food » (Prof. Josie Hughes), English
  4. Arthur Barakat, « The neurometabolism of motivation » (Prof. Carmen Sandi), English
  5. Alexandros Anastasiadis, « Role of kinematics, vorticity and sensing in single and collaborative undulatory swimming » (Prof. Karen Mulleners and Prof. Auke Ijspeert), English
  6. Venu Agarwal, « Modelling and Design of CO2 electrolyzers using bi-polar membrane » (Prof. Sophia Haussener), English
  7. Deniz Turkay, « Subcell interconnection architectures for monolithic perovskite-silicon tandem solar cells » (Prof. Christophe Ballif and Dr. Christian Wolff), English
  8. Marian Lumongsod-Thompson, « Effect of environmental transients on the corrosion of aged iron in inert porous media » (Dr Stefano Mischler), English
  9. Stefano Marchioni, « Study of equilibrium stability and control for advanced tokamak scenarios using control- and physics-oriented models » (Prof. Olivier Sauter and Federico Felici), English
  10. Akuto Konou, « Urban Agriculture Practices and its Impact on Health Determinants in Africa from an Urban Planning Perspective: The Case of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and Lomé, Togo » (Dr Jérôme Chenal), Français
  11. Jennifer Frieden, « Indirect search for dark matter in gamma ray fluxes with DAMPE and HERD » (Prof. Olivier Schneider and Dr. Chiara Perrina), English
  12. Eduardo Gutierrez, « Harnessing mechanical instabilities of rotating structures towards the development of versatile centrifugal microfluidics devices » (Prof. Pedro M. Reis), English
  13. Maria Marcinek, « Plant-beneficial bacteria as vectors for the active delivery of nanoagrochemicals » (Prof. Harm-Anton Klok), English
  14. Calixe Bénier, « Tribology of lubricated micro-mechanical contacts » (Dr. Stefano Mischler), Français

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  • General public
  • Free


  • Service de promotion des sciences / Science Outreach Departement


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