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Date and time 08.06.2021 31.07.202107:0023:59  
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Rolex Learning Center
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Discover and borrow a book selection around the Overshoot Day topic.

Earth Overshoot Day is the calculated illustrative calendar date on which humanity's resource consumption for the year exceeds Earth’s capacity to regenerate those resources that year. The term "overshoot" represents the level by which human population's demand overshoots the sustainable amount of biological resources regenerated on Earth. When viewed through an economic perspective, the annual EOD represents the day by which the planet's annual regenerative budget is spent, and humanity enters environmental deficit spending.

Six posters [available online] come together with the Overshoot Day book selection. The posters give further information about the topic. You can learn for example that it is also possible to calculate the Overshoot Day by country, and that Switzerland's Overshoot Day fell on May 11, 2021.

Posers are inspired by https://www.footprintnetwork.org/ and https://www.overshootday.org/. websites.


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