Research data and ethics in the age of GDPR


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Date and time 28.05.2019 08:4512:45  
Place and room
Speaker EPFL Library research data team
Category Internal trainings

This workshop is intended for researchers and PhD students who might handle sensitive or third-party data, or want an up-to-speed training on the subjects. This training session, organized by EPFL Library, is given by experts of the field:

  • Dr. Paul-Olivier Dehaye, funder of and board member at MyData Global Network
  • Prof. Carmela Troncoso, head of the EPFL SPRING Lab, focused on secure and privacy-preserving systems
  • Dr. Caroline Vandevyver, head of the EPFL Research Office and President of the EPFL School Assembly
Register for this workshop if you wish to understand:
  • the impact of GDPR on your scientific research;
  • the technical solutions for digital privacy;
  • the research integration in the EPFL legal framework.

Practical information

  • General public
  • Registration required


  • EPFL Library research data team


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