Showcase 2030


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Date 31.05.2023 08:3018:00  
Category Conferences - Seminars
Event Language English
Showcase 2030 is E4S’s action-driven, multi-stakeholder platform that aims at building an ecosystem of impact to advance sustainable innovation and drive action towards an inclusive, net-positive planet.

If we want to create systemic change and find concrete solutions to tackle today’s environmental and social problems, we need concerted and urgent action. Showcase 2030 is an opportunity to build a genuinely collaborative ecosystem (including the academic community, industry representatives, entrepreneurs, NGOs, policy-makers, and civil society) to share expertise and best practices, work together on groundbreaking solutions, and challenge our way of thinking in order to accelerate the systemic transformation of our society and planet.

This year we look forward to engaging our community in action-driven exchanges and projects around the following themes: 
  • Protecting our Climate
  • Restoring Biodiversity & Nature
  • Enabling an Inclusive Society

Showcase 2030 aims at creating an inclusive and interactive event able to:
  • Foster true multi-stakeholder collaboration and build a learning culture that includes all the voices around the table.
  • Mobilize and empower actors to tackle today’s urgent challenges and start acting now.
  • Leverage science, technology, and business as enablers to develop solutions to accelerate the transition.
  • Inspire action by sharing concrete stories of impact and scale-up groundbreaking solutions.

What you can expect from this edition:
  • Visionary talks with inspiring practitioners
  • Interactive workshops to activate change
  • Innovative solutions’ exhibition to present a roadmap of systemic impact