Showcase 2030: Embracing sufficiency in innovation


Event details

Date 29.10.2024
Hour 09:0018:00
Speaker Around 30 speakers, among which: Julia Binder, Professor @ IMD  Maxime Blondeau, Cosmograph @ Sciences Po Paris & School of Mines  Guido Palazzo, Professor @ HEC - University of Lausanne
Category Conferences - Seminars
Event Language English
Showcase 2030 is E4S’ sustainable innovation summit that gathers the academic community, businesses, start-ups, investors, large organizations, NGOs, policy-makers and civil society, to engage in an action-driven platform and find solutions to our century’s most urgent challenges.
With Showcase 2030, our ambition is to :
  • Encourage new cross-sectoral collaborations and build a learning culture that includes all the voices around the table.
  • Leverage science, technology, and business as enablers to develop solutions to accelerate the transition
  • Showcase the diversity, dynamism, and strength of the sustainable innovation ecosystem in the Lemanic area.

Addressing the urgent challenges of our century requires a deep understanding of the limitations constraining our systems. We are in the middle of a climate crisis, and at the same time our need for energy and material resources is incessantly growing. The use of critical resources is paramount to help communities thrive, but access to those resources is causing massive environmental damages and conflicts.

Technology and innovation can help us break the code for our survival: but what kind of technology and innovation are needed to help us live within planetary boundaries? While they are certainly part of the solution, tech and innovation are also constrained by the use of physical resources. It is therefore essential to understand the impact of our solutions to take conscious decisions that drive us towards the creation of more sustainable systems.
In this year’s edition, Showcase 2030 aims to engage the public in an open debate about sufficiency in innovation and technology: a concept that invites us to be aware of the use of resources and embrace the idea of sobriety in our collective choices.