Showcase 2030: Embracing sufficiency in innovation


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Date 29.10.2024
Hour 09:0018:00
Speaker Around 30 speakers, among which: Julia Binder, Professor @ IMD  Maxime Blondeau, Cosmograph @ Sciences Po Paris & School of Mines  Guido Palazzo, Professor @ HEC - University of Lausanne, André Hoffmann Co-Founder and Co-Chair @ InTent
Category Conferences - Seminars
Event Language English
Showcase 2030 is E4S’ sustainable innovation summit that gathers the academic community, businesses, start-ups, investors, large organizations, NGOs, policy-makers and civil society, to engage in an action-driven platform and find solutions to our century’s most urgent challenges.
With Showcase 2030, our ambition is to:
  • Encourage new cross-sectoral collaborations and build a learning culture that includes all the voices around the table.
  • Leverage science, technology, and business as enablers to develop solutions to accelerate the transition
  • Showcase the diversity, dynamism, and strength of the sustainable innovation ecosystem in the Lemanic area


Our world faces urgent challenges that demand a profound understanding of the constraints on our systems. Amidst a climate crisis and growing resource needs, the impact of humanity on the environment is at a breaking point.
Technology and innovation can help us break the code for our survival: but what kind of technology and innovation are needed to help us live within planetary boundaries? While tech advancements are crucial, their reliance on physical resources necessitates a conscious evaluation of their impacts. We must make informed choices to build sustainable systems.

Block 1: Defining Sufficiency in Innovation: This block focuses on the concept of sobriety in the context of technology and innovation for different stakeholders.
Block 2: From Concept to Action: Implementing Sufficiency: What are the solutions for putting sufficiency into action? How can we rethink our business models, technologies and lifestyles?
Block 3: Establishing new narratives of well-being and prosperity: This block explores the evolution towards regenerative and circular economic models, emphasizing the need to rethink existing systems.
  • Be inspired by the keynote speeches of sustainability and innovation experts
  • Be engaged in the confrontation of ideas during thematic roundtables /workshops
  • Be amazed by an interactive exhibition of solutions