Space instrumentation, Earth Observation & Astrophysics at DTU Space, Denmark


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Date 24.01.2019
Hour 14:0015:00
Speaker Prof. Kristian Pedersen
Category Conferences - Seminars

DTU Space is leading several high-profile space research technology projects and examples of these will be presented in this talk: Coatings for hard X-ray optics (e.g. NuStar), star trackers, radar- and radiometer systems (e.g. POLARIS), and space magnetometers (e.g. Swarm).
Key research results obtained from these instruments will also be presented, e.g. models of the Earth’s magnetic field, global sea level reference models, melting of Greenland’s ice cap, and properties of neutron stars. Most of the activities strongly benefit from international collaborations with, e.g. NASA and ESA, and now we are reaching out for collaborations with EPFL.

Kristian Pedersen is an astrophysicist with many years of experience in astronomy, space research and development of instruments for satellites. In addition to participation in specific satellite projects KP is involved in the development of national and international strategy and policy for space research and space applications.

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