Summer school - 1011+1101=24 using Minecraft


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Date and time 05.10.2020 08.10.2020  
Speaker Dr Orane Jecker et Dr David Strütt, EPFL Institute of Mathematics, along with EPFL students
Category Sciences Activities for Youth

Build a calculator in Minecraft and add up binary numbers. Join us from October 5 to 8, 2020 for a Summer school organized by the EPFL Education outreach department together with the Mathematics institute.

A calculator is a reassuring companion during math tests. But how does it work? And how can we be sure that it displays the correct result?

During this pre-university week, the participants will answer such questions while designing a calculator in Minecraft.
To do so, they will learn how to use binary code. This code enables the transformation of information into 0s and 1s, a language that machines understand. Like small computers, the calculators transcribe our usual decimal numbers into binary numbers. And this is how 13 = 1101 and 1011+1101 = 24.
In order to design a calculator in Minecraft, the participants will have to use logic while developing algebra and computer science concepts (variables, binary system or truth tables) to be able to stack blocks, activate levers and finally understand how their TI-30X works.

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  • EPFL Education Outreach Department and Institute of Mathematics