The philosophy and psychology of transformative experience (SHS course open to the public )


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Date 29.05.2024
Hour 16:1518:00
Speaker L. A. Paul, Millstone Family Professor of Philosophy and Professor of Cognitive Science at Yale University
Category Conferences - Seminars
Event Language English

Transformative experiences are life-changing experiences that shape who you are and what you care about. Going to war, having a baby, being spiritually reborn, betraying your lover, emigrating to a new country, all of these are experiences that can transform you. By transforming you, they structure the nature and meaning of your life and the lives of others around you.

The SHS course "Emotion and value II" welcomes L. A. Paul, Professor of Philosophy and Cognitive Science at Yale University, for a lecture open to the public.

L. A. Paul will present and discuss the philosophical issues involved in the concept of transformative experience. She will then discuss the current experimental work that herself and her collaborators have been conducting, including new research with Molly Crockett (Princeton) on evaluating transformative outcomes, research with Julian Jara-Ettinger (Yale) on epistemic transformation, and research with Josh Tenenbaum (MIT), Julian de Freitas (Harvard), and Tomer Ullman (Harvard) on how we understand ourselves as decision makers and update our world models under radical change.

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