The power of metadata: discover the many uses of metadata in your research activity


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Date and time 02.06.2021 09:0012:00  
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Speaker EPFL Library Teaching Team
Category Internal trainings
Whether you are a researcher, a lab administrator or a data manager, metadata is everywhere ! If you sometimes feel like you need to fill useless fields to describe your work, this workshop is for you: there is a brighter side to metadata. Are you interested in understanding how it can benefit you ?
You can either choose to participate to Part I or Part II, as well as participate to Part I and Part II of this workshop!

Come to our workshop, and discover :

Part I (9h-10h15) : Basic information about metadata:
• What metadata really is
• What are the FAIR principles
• Why metadata is important in your research activity

Part II (10h45-12h) : Relevant information about metadata for your research activity:
• What is the best metadata strategy for you and your research field
• How to refactor your own (meta)data
• How to apply FAIR* principles with metadata to support Open Science

*E. N. Blumer et al., “EPFL Library Research Data Management Fastguides,” Feb. 2019, [Online]. Available:


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  • EPFL Library Teaching Team


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