Tree Line Curve - art installation by Claudia Comte


Event details

Date 07.10.2021 14.04.2022
Hour 07:0023:59
Speaker Claudia Comte, artiste
Rolex Learning Center (extérieur)
Category Exhibitions
Forty-two tree trunks standing under the Rolex Learning Center: the installation by internationally renowned Swiss artist Claudia Comte is a curve of raw spruce trunks and a barked and carved elm. This line of trees draws a forest under the concrete vault.

In a dialogue between the materials and the shape of the building, she suggests a repeated strolling under the vaults, with an unusual and sculptural presence as well as tension between natural and artificial.

Claudia Comte has been working with wood for more than fifteen years that she sizes, cuts, carves and assembles in art installations of large dimensions. She is fascinated by the memory of the planet, its climate, its catastrophes, all these events being written in the grains of wood. Attentive to the characteristics of her raw material, she shows respect and empathy to wood because it results from the living of the tree.

Born in 1983, Claudia Comte graduated from the ECAL and resided at the Swiss Institute in Rome. She has exhibited several times at Art Basel. She has marked Bex&Arts with her monumental HAHAHA. She has exhibited at the MCBA in Lausanne, the Castelo de Rivoli in Turin, the Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza in Madrid and the MOCA in Cleveland, among others. She currently lives in Basel after having been based for a few years in Berlin.

Curve is part of the festivities program of the Rolex Learning Center during the year 2021-2022.