Ukraine. Architectures of Emergency / ALICE


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Date 02.05.2023 24.05.2023
SG Foyer
Category Exhibitions
Event Language English
UKRAINE. ARCHITECTURES OF EMERGENCY explores the spatial situations that have developed due to the emergency response, shedding light on the different scales and states of the conflict. From a spatial reading, the exhibition analyzes the ecological damage of war, the protocols of emergency, and the impact on the built environment. Here, the mass residential buildings, known as panelka buildings, have become a central metaphor for the fragility of the state's construction. In this way, the exhibition highlights various modes of built environment reconfigurations, considering both material and social aspects. Recognizing the indefinite state of the conflict, the show is a process of research and approach to a situation in constant redefinition, integrating diverse Ukrainian architects and researchers who have been developing practices in this exceptional situation.
The exhibition is open from May 2 to 24 in the FOYER of the SG building at EPFL. The official opening event will take place on May 9 (time to be confirmed). A presentation of collaborators, with a discussion on reconstruction and reconfiguration will take place on May 16 (time to be confirmed).

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  • Elena Orap;  Estefania Mompean Botias