Conferences - Seminars

  10:30-11:30 GC C1 384

EDIC candidacy exam Exam president: Prof. Pascal Frossard Thesis advisor: Prof. Alexandre Massoud Alahi Co-examiner: Prof. Jean-Philippe Thiran Abstract Autonomous vehicles rely on an accurate perception module. One of the fundamental challenges is to efficiently track pedestrians surrounding a vehicle to anticipate risky situations. Over the past decades, researchers have formulated the tracking problem as ... Read more about "Multi-task learning for autonomous driving"
By George Adaimi
  14:00-16:00 BC 129

EDIC candidacy exam Exam president: Prof. Olivier Lévêque Thesis advisor: Prof. Michael Gastpar Co-examiner: Prof. Volkan Cevher Abstract There is an increasing concern that most current published research findings are false. The main cause seems to lie in the fundamental disconnection between theory and practise in data analysis. While the former typically relies on statistical ... Read more about "Adaptive Data Analysis and Error-Control via Information Measures"
By Amedeo Esposito
  12:00-13:00 RLC B1 520

Marc Robinson, professor at the Department of evolution and ecology at UNIL, will present the benefits from publishing preprints. Alain Foehn, PhD student at the Laboratory of hydraulic constructions at EPFL, will share his experience with submitting a paper to Elsevier. Read more about "NoonTalk#4: Publishing preprints"
  09:30-11:30 ELD 120

EDIC candidacy exam Exam president: Prof. Pascal Frossard Thesis advisor: Prof. Volkan Cevher Co-examiner: Prof. Alexandre Alahi Abstract Deep neural networks dominate the state-of-the-art models in tasks of computer vision, speech, bioinformatics etc. However, training modern deep neural networks is difficult, because of the highly non-convexity of the objective functions. On one hand, deep neural ... Read more about "Training and Tuning Deep Neural Networks: Faster, Stronger and Better"
By Chen Liu
  13:00-15:00 ELD 120

EDIC candidacy exam Exam president: Prof. Ali Sayed Thesis advisor: Prof. Volkan Cevher Co-examiner: Patrick Thiran Abstract In the recent years, there has been an increasing number of works that couples continuous-time processes with iterative descent methods in optimization literature to provide alternative perspective to convergence analysis and develop new algorithms. Background papers Coupling and ... Read more about "Differential Equations and Continuous-Time Dynamics in Optimization and Sampling"
By Ali Kavis