Conferences - Seminars

  12:15-13:00 GC C2 413

Transportation energy is a significant portion of the energy consumption of the US economy. While various policies such as changing the fuel mix and alternative fuels are proposed to make the system more efficient, the efficacy of the land-use policies such as changing the urban form and densification have been subject to considerable debate. In ... Read more about "HRC Lecture: Transportation Energy and Urban Form"
By Nikhil Kaza


  11:00-18:00 ArtLab pavillon central

To mark its 50th anniversary, the EPFL gave free rein to three photographers, who were asked to capture the essence of the School and its future direction: - Olivier Christinat brings a discreet immersion in campus life - Bogdan Konopka strips EPFL's buildings down to their still life form - Catherine Leutenegger delivers many detailed ... Read more about "INFINITY ROOM I - ArtLab Exhibition"
By Olivier Christinat, Bogdan Konopka, Catherine Leutenegger