Conferences - Seminars

  08:30-17:30 BI A0 448

Kujtesë BejtullahuPowerful algorithms, which are capable of learning, are increasingly controlling various aspects of modern society: from social interactions (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube), economics (e.g., Uber, AirBnB, Banking), learning (e.g., Wikipedia, MOOCs), to governance (Judgements, Policing, Voting). These algorithms have a tremendous potential to change our lives for the better, but, via the ability ... Read more about "Computation and Society Workshop"
By - Anita Auer - University of Lausanne - Kujtesë BejtullahuInternational Risk Governance Center ...
  09:30-11:30 BC 329

EDIC candidacy exam Exam president: Prof. Cécile Hebert Thesis advisor: Prof. Pacal Fua Co-examiner: Dr. Graham Knott Abstract Abstract—Dislocations in materials such as crystals carry valuable information which may be incorporated to characterize their topology and interaction mechanisms. Therefore, obtaining accurate reconstruction of the 3D geometry of dislocations is the key step for successfully analyzing ... Read more about "Delineating Dislocations"
By Okan Altingövde
  10:15-11:30 BC 420

By: Luca Trevisan - UC Berkeley Abstract: Spectral clustering algorithms find clusters in a given network by exploiting properties of the eigenvectors of matrices associated with the network. As a first step, one computes a spectral embedding, that is a mapping of nodes to points in a low-dimensional real space; then one uses geometric clustering ... Read more about "IC Talk: A Theory of Spectral Clustering"
  11:00-13:00 BC 329

EDIC candidacy exam Exam president: Prof. Wulfram Gerstner Thesis advisor: Prof. Pascal Fua Co-examiner: Dr. Graham Knott Abstract We study the problem of multi-class image segmentation in Electron Microscopy(EM) images with the focus on extracting intricate structures made up of multiple parts. The problem is formulated as a structured prediction task and we review two ... Read more about "Multi-class image segmentation in EM images"
By Pamuditha Udaranga Wickramasinghe
  16:15-17:15 MXF 1

15th NCCR MARVEL Distinguished Lecture Several physical observables of materials have their theoretical root in geometrical properties of the electronic ground state. To start with, I will outline the modern theory of the insulating state, which addresses all kinds of insulators (band, Mott, Anderson...), discriminating them from metals by means of a very simple geometrical ... Read more about "Geometrical observables of the electronic ground state"
By Raffaele Resta (Democritos IOM-CNR, Trieste, Italy)

Sporting events


On May 1st, the challenge Bike to Work 2018 begins for a new edition until June 30th. In 2017, 646 students and members of staff formed 191 teams and covered 189,000 km, the equivalent of traveling almost five times round the Earth. It is our turn to take up the challenge and break this record! ... Read more about "Bike to Work"


  18:15-21:00 Octanis Microverse

At Octanis, we develop pragmatic, open source and low cost solutions to practical problems. Currently, we are working on developing digital nestboxes for barn owls and a rover that takes measurements of the snow surface in Antarctica. We share experiences and tools, and make rapid incremental progress while embracing failure. Above all, we accept everyone ... Read more about "Open Night @ Octanis"

Internal trainings

  18:15-19:30 MED 3 2215

At Octanis, we do things. We work on low-cost, open source solutions for practical problems. Currently, we are developing digital nestboxes for barn owls and a rover for antarctic expeditions. Curious to learn more but don't have much time? Get a glimpse of how we work at our Drive Thru at EPFL! At this weekly ... Read more about "Octanis Drive Thru"
  08:30-17:00 VPSI Conference Room

The second Origin fundamentals Workshop is also very successful, thanks to everyone ! We got the double of registrations than the seats in the room. For this reason the registration has to be closed. If there are more people interested, please send an email to the Organizer. Because of the number of participants, the second ... Read more about "Origin fundamentals Workshop"
By Markus Höhnen from ADDITIVE

Call for proposal


Inside Look brings talented computer science students studying in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa to a Google office for an insider view of engineering at Google. This two-day, all expenses paid program will take place at the Google offices in Munich, and selected students will get to hear from a diverse range of Googlers ... Read more about "Google Inside Look 2018"