Conferences - Seminars

By David Stewart, Newcastle
  14:00-15:00 MED2 2423

This talk will be given in the frame of the SWICCOMAS General Assembly. The planning is: 14h – 15h Seminar by Eleni Chatzi, ETHZ 15h – 16h General Assembly 1. SWICCOMAS board 2. New ECCOMAS constitution 3. SWICCOMAS price 4. WCCM 2020, Paris 5. Budget approval 6. Short update by Prof. Eleni Chatzi, ECCOMAS Young ... Read more about "On the coalescence of models with data for infrastructure assessment"
By Eleni Chatzi, Chair of Structural Mechanics, at the Institute of ...
By Adam Thomas, Birmingham        
  08:00-18:00 GA 3 21

An incentive to use coarse-grained models is to use them for inference and control instead of the original (often intractable) model. Since coarse-grained models are always “wrong”, questions such as inference under model misspecification or goal-oriented uncertainty quantification (e.g. for control) come into play. This workshop will address such topics, with a special focus on ... Read more about "Big data and uncertainty quantification: statistical inference and information-theoretic techniques applied to computational chemistry"
By Carsten Hartmann, BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg Fabio Nobile, EPFL Frank Pinski, University ...
  08:00-18:00 GA 3 21

The workshop will address computational and theoretical issues in stochastic modeling and model reduction in molecular and complex systems. In particular, the program will include topics ranging from quantum to mesoscale modelling, with focus on uncertainty quantification, machine learning and approximate inference method, methods using both quantum and classical models, semiclassical limits and their computational ... Read more about "Computational mathematics for model reduction and predictive modelling in molecular and complex systems"
By Markos Katsoulakis, University of Massachusetts Amherst Benedikt Leimkuhler, University of ...
  08:00-18:00 GA 3 21

Event to take place as such: 18 to 21 June 2019 - CIB premises (Room GA 3 21). 24 to 26 June 2019 - CECAM premises (Room BCH 3113). Part of the Semester : Multi-scale Mathematical Modelling and Coarse-grain Computational Chemistry Read more about "Title TBA"
By John Maddocks, EPFL