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  10:15-11:15 CM 1 113

I will describe a conceptual perspective on the story relating Hochschild homology and the algebraic de Rham complex in the setting of commutative rings. A bonus of this perspective is that it supplies a variant of the story in the setting of E-infinity algebras over the integers. The rough idea is as follows: by considering ... Read more about "Hochschild homology and the de Rham complex, revisited"
By Arpon Raksit
By David Stewart, Newcastle
  16:15-17:15 MA A3 30

Abstract: Wave motion lies at the heart of many disciplines in the physical sciences and engineering. For example, problems and applications involving light, sound, heat or fluid flow are all likely to involve wave dynamics at some level. In this seminar, I will present our recent work on a class of problems involving intriguing nonlinear ... Read more about "Strongly Nonlinear Elastic Wave Propagation and the Essence of Spatial Invariance"
By Prof. Mahmoud I. Hussein     
  11:00-12:00 MA A1 10

How complex networks formed by triangulations and higher-dimensional simplicial complexes can represent closed evolving manifolds [1]. In particular, for triangulations, the set of possible transformations of these networks is restricted by the condition that at each step, all the faces must be triangles, which is the key constraint in this theory. Stochastic application of these ... Read more about "Evolution of triangulations: Hausdorff and spectral dimensions"
By José Fernando Mendes (University of Aveiro)
  14:00-15:00 PH H3 33

Abstract: It has been known for several decades that there are close connections between certain classes of singularities in the Minimal Model Program over $\mathbb{C}$ and so-called $F$-singularities which are defined in positive characteristic via Frobenius. There is a more refined conjecture which relates multiplier ideal filtrations and test ideal filtrations. The triviality of certain ... Read more about "Reductions of non-lc-ideals and non-$F$-pure ideals assuming weak ordinarity"
By Axel Stabler (Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz)
  17:15-18:15 CM 1 4

Path integrals, which were introduced by Feynman in the context of quantum mechanics, can be seen as infinite dimensional analogues of integrals with respect to the standard Lebesgue measure. Roughly speaking, they correspond to summing all trajectories defined on an interval and taking values in a finite dimensional space. One can make sense of these ... Read more about "A probabilistic approach to path integrals"
By Prof. Vincent Vargas (ENS, Paris)
  13:00-14:00 MA B2 485

The Dirichlet-to-Neumann map is a first order pseudodifferential operator acting on the smooth functions of the boundary of a compact Riemannian manifold M. Its spectrum is known as the Steklov spectrum of M. The asymptotic behaviour (as j tends to infinity) of the Steklov eigenvalues s_j is determined by the Riemannian metric on the boundary ... Read more about "The Steklov and Laplacian spectra of Riemannian manifolds with boundary"
By Alexandre Girouard, Professeur agrégé au Département de mathématiques et de ...
  14:30-15:30 MA B2 485

Let $\Omega$ be an open, bounded, connected set in $\R^n$, $n \geq 2$, with Lipschitz boundary. We consider the eigenvalues of the Neumann Laplacian acting in $L^2(\Omega)$. In particular, those that have a corresponding eigenfunction which achieves equality in Courant's Nodal Domain theorem. These eigenvalues are called Courant-sharp. It was shown recently by C. Léna ... Read more about "Upper bounds for Courant-sharp Neumann eigenvalues"
By Katie Gittins,  Maître-assistante à l'Institut de Mathématiques de l ...


  17:15-20:00 CE 1 2

Invitation Prof. Jan S. Hesthaven, Dean of the Faculty of Basic Sciences, is pleased to invite you to the FSB Annual meeting on Thursday 13th December at 17:15 in Room CE1 2. On this occasion we invite you to share an apéritif immediately after the meeting. The aperitif will be held at the Epicure Restaurant. ... Read more about "FSB General Assembly"
By Prof. Jan S. Hesthaven, Doyen de la Faculté des Sciences ...