Conferences - Seminars

  10:15-11:15 CM 1 113

In this talk I will fill in an analogy between Verdier duality for sheaves and Koszul duality for algebras over operads. To make this analogy precise we will consider the underlying categorical structure present in both situations. Time permitting I will explain how understanding Koszul duality for modular operads from this perspective can be used ... Read more about "Topology Seminar: Six operations formalism for generalized operads"
By Benjamin Ward (Stockholm University)
  16:15-17:30 MA A3 31

The finite element system framework captures essential features of known mixed finite element spaces and has enabled the construction of new spaces of vector fields for PDEs with variational formulations in H(curl) and H(div), or, more generally, sequences of spaces of differential forms with such regularity. In joint work with Kaibo Hu we have generalized ... Read more about "Finite element systems and complexes of differential forms for the Stokes equation"
By Prof. Snorre CHRISTIANSEN (University of Oslo)
  13:00-14:00 MA A3 30

Every action of a group on a rooted tree induces an action on the boundary of the tree. This action yields various representations of the group on spaces of functions on the boundary. In this talk we discuss the structure of such representations. After reviewing of the basic concepts, we will introduce locally 2-transitive actions ... Read more about "Groups acting on rooted trees and representations on the boundary"
By Steffen Kionke (KIT)