Internal trainings

  09:00-17:00 EPFL

This workshop is opened to both women and men Description and objectives How could you feel more competent, worthy, valuable, and capable of doing things? What would enable you to address adversity with calm and resolve? How could you create conditions around you that would foster your ideas and projects? How could you develop courage ... Read more about "REGARD Workshop: Self-empowerment: discover how to build your power to act"
By Nir Zalts, expert for leadership and professional development
  09:45-15:30 Uni Bern

The Fix the Leaky Pipeline program offers young female scientists (doctoral students, postdocs and other young scientists) the opportunity to reflect on their professional situations, to develop a strategy for embarking on or continuing their career paths, to receive targeted further training, and to extend their personal and scientific networks. The aim, actively supported by ... Read more about "FLP: 2019 Program, kick off event"
By Guests: Prof. Miriam Langer, EAWAG
Prof. Clémence Corminboeuf, EPFL
Dr ...