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  12:15-13:15 SV 1717

It has long been suggested that failure appropriately to inhibit impulses stems from a deficit in prefrontal cortical inhibitory function. Here it will be suggested that impulsivity, which predicts the vulnerability to develop addiction to stimulant drugs as well as compulsive behaviours as observed in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and early onset Parkinson’s Disease, also stems ... Read more about "BMI SEMINAR // Impulse control: from the urge to its inhibition, a transnological approach to the vulnerability to compulsive disorders"
By David Belin, Behavioural and Clinical Neuroscience Institute, Department of Psychology ...


  12:15-14:00 CO 121

Une fois par mois, un espace d'écoute, de dialogue et de conseil gratuit, et sans prendre rendez-vous, est offert aux parents étudiant·e·s ou employé·e·s. de l’EPFL. Prenez votre sandwich, un bon café et une écoute attentive vous attendront ! Pour tous les parents… qui s'interrogent sur les besoins de leur enfant. Qui sont confrontés à ... Read more about "Café-contact parents: L'enfant et ses habiletés sociales"
By Virgile Sottas, éducateur de la petite enfance et formateur à ...
  12:00-13:00 Esplanade EPFL

Polyquity cordially invites you to its pay gap cookie sale on May 30th from noon to 1pm on the EPFL esplanade. The purpose of the event is to make EPFL students aware of the wage inequality that still exists between men and women. Even in academic and engineering circles. Read more about "Pay Gap Cookie Sale"

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Inside Look brings talented computer science students studying in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa to a Google office for an insider view of engineering at Google. This two-day, all expenses paid program will take place at the Google offices in Munich, and selected students will get to hear from a diverse range of Googlers ... Read more about "Google Inside Look 2018"