Conferences - Seminars

  12:30 BSP 234

Statistical regression techniques have become very fashionable as a tool to predict the properties of systems at the atomic scale, sidestepping much of the computational cost of first-principles simulations and making it possible to perform simulations that require thorough statistical sampling without compromising on the accuracy of the electronic structure model. In this talk I ... Read more about "Machine Learning Like a Physicist"
By David Stewart, Newcastle
  16:15-17:15 MA A3 30

Abstract: Wave motion lies at the heart of many disciplines in the physical sciences and engineering. For example, problems and applications involving light, sound, heat or fluid flow are all likely to involve wave dynamics at some level. In this seminar, I will present our recent work on a class of problems involving intriguing nonlinear ... Read more about "Strongly Nonlinear Elastic Wave Propagation and the Essence of Spatial Invariance"
By Prof. Mahmoud I. Hussein     
  10:30-11:30 I17 4 K2

The prerequisite for electronic waste elimination is a durable active material with this the constant regeneration of the structure under e.g. electrical current, thermochemical and heating cooling cycles. Electroceramics are indispensable materials for nearly all energy converters (1,2) and very often adopt the versatile perovskite structure. Perovskite-type ceramics as well as their nanocomposites can be ... Read more about "Regeneration of materials for a waste free future"
By Prof. Anke Weidenkaff Universität Stuttgart
  17:00-19:00 STCC

La rencontre se tiendra le 21 novembre 2018 au Swiss Tech Convention Center en marge des journées d’information des gymnasiens. Le programme a été élaboré avec les enseignants des gymnases et propose une partie informative, une intervention scientifique ainsi que des workshops. Les personnes intéressées peuvent aussi profiter des présentations, activités proposées aux gymnasiens au ... Read more about "Rencontre 5 à 7 entre les enseignants en biologie et chimie des gymnases romands et de l’EPFL"
By divers
  17:15-18:15 BCH 2201

The use of electrons for crystallography was discovered only a few decades after the work of von Laue and the Braggs. Unlike X-ray crystallography, inorganic, organic, and biological electron crystallography were developed rather independently. Until about 2000, electron crystallography in all three fields was essentially two dimensional: mostly thin layers were investigated. This changed with ... Read more about "Turning Powder into Single Crystals: Application of 3D Electron Diffraction to Chemical Crystallography"
By Dr. Tim Grüne
PSI, Villigen
  11:00-12:00 CE 1 3

The interplay of measurement imprecision and quantum backaction limits the sensitivity with which the position of an oscillator can be continuously monitored, to be at best equal to the oscillator’s zero-point fluctuations. However, any single quadrature of the motion can, in principle, be measured without limit, provided that the measurement backaction is shunted to the ... Read more about "Backaction and entanglement in microwave optomechanics"
By Mika Sillanpää, Aalto University, Quantum Nanomechanics/ LTL, Finland
  14:00-15:00 PH H3 33

Abstract: It has been known for several decades that there are close connections between certain classes of singularities in the Minimal Model Program over $\mathbb{C}$ and so-called $F$-singularities which are defined in positive characteristic via Frobenius. There is a more refined conjecture which relates multiplier ideal filtrations and test ideal filtrations. The triviality of certain ... Read more about "Reductions of non-lc-ideals and non-$F$-pure ideals assuming weak ordinarity"
By Axel Stabler (Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz)
  16:00-17:00 Zeuzier, I17 4 K2

ChE-605 - Highlights in Energy Research seminar series The UK Government has an ambitious target to reduce CO2 emissions by 80% by 2050, where Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) together with bioenergy are critical for the UK to meet its reduction targets, whilst delivering affordable, secure and sustainable energy. However, significant challenges remain in growing ... Read more about "Novel porous materials for CO2 capture applications"
By Prof. Susana Garcia
Institute of Mechanical, Process and Energy Engineering ...