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  15:15-16:30 CE 5

In this talk, I will present two results from our recent work with superconducting microwave circuits. In the first, I will tell you about our implementation of ultra-strong light-matter coupling using a compact vacuum-gap transmon qubit design. Motivated by a desire to analyze our data quantitatively, we were led to a new circuit-quantisation model for ... Read more about "Quantum circuits: From ultra-strong light-matter coupling to ballistic transport in graphene"
By Dr. Gary Steele, Kavli Institute of Nanoscience, Delft
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  16:15-17:15 MA A3 30

Modular forms and their generalizations are one of the most central concepts in number theory. It took almost 200 years to cultivate the mathematics lying behind the classical (i.e. scalar) modular forms. All of the famous modular forms (e.g. Dedekind eta function) involve a multiplier, this multiplier is a 1-dimensional representation of the underlying group. ... Read more about "Theory of Vector-Valued Modular Forms"
By Jitendra Bajpai (Georg-August-Universität Göttingen)