Conferences - Seminars

  10:30-11:30 Zeuzier, I17 4 K2

ChE-605 - Highlights in Energy Research seminar series In this talk, I will introduce metal-organic frameworks[1], deal with some fundamental questions concerning their synthesis and characterisation[2-3] and highlight their potential towards the capture of industrially important molecules[4-5] and as photocatalysts for the generation of H2 from water splitting[6-7]. [1] Anderson, S. L.; Stylianou, K. C. ... Read more about "Metal-organic frameworks: from fundamental concepts to application"
By Dr. Kyriakos Stylianou
Laboratory of Molecular Simulation (LSMO),
EPFL Valais ...
  08:30-15:00 SV 1717

General assembly and user's day.The opportunity to get updates on the instruments and the science going on at CIME. This year we have invited Prof. Thomas Walz from The Rockefeller University to give a inspiring invited talk. We will have presentations from our CIME staff members and three submitted posters will be selected for a ... Read more about "CIME DAY 2018"
By Speakers: Prof. Thomas Walz, Graham Knott, Thomas La Grange, Cosmin ...
  10:30-11:30 PPB 019

I will discuss some recent results — numerical and experimental — on the nature of drift-wave turbulence in MAST, obtained in the doctoral theses of my students Ferdinand van Wyk [1,4], Michael J. Fox [2] and Greg Colyer [3]. At ion scales, in the presence of flow shear, we find numerically a type of transition ... Read more about "Two etudes on unexpected behaviour of drift-wave turbulence near stability threshold"
By Prof. Alex Shekochihin, Univ. of Oxford, UK