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  13:00 BSP 407

Understanding how nucleic acids and proteins interact to regulate key cellular processes requires the ability to observe these interactions directly. The dynamic nature of many nucleic acid-protein interactions makes it challenging to study them with traditional bulk methods. Biochemical, molecular or cellular biology approaches yield ensemble- or population-averaged results, which may conceal key short-lived or ... Read more about "From Single-Molecules to Single-Cells: Imaging RNA Molecules and RNP Complexes"
By Professor David Rueda , FRSC Chair, Molecular and Cellular Medicine, Molecular ...
  14:00 BSP 727

SEMINAR IN BIOLOGICAL AND STATISTICAL PHYSICS Abstract: Protein folding research has been dominated by the assumption that thermodynamics determines protein structure and function. And that when the folding process is compromised, the proteostasis machinery of cells - chaperones, deaggregases, the proteasome - work to restore proteins to their soluble, functional form or degrade them to ... Read more about "Non-Equilibrium Coupling of Protein Structure and Function to Translation Elongation Kinetics"
By Prof. Edward O'brien, Department of Chemistry, Pennsylvania State University ...
  16:15-17:15 BCH 2201

The efficient interconversion of electrical and chemical energy requires catalysts capable of accelerating complex multi-electron reactions at electrified interfaces. These reactions can be carried out at the metallic surface sites of heterogeneous electrocatalysts or via redox mediation at molecular electrocatalysts. Molecular catalysts yield readily to synthetic alteration of their redox properties and secondary coordination sphere, ... Read more about "Chemical Engineering Seminar - Charge and excited state dynamics in 3D and 2D hybrid perovskites.Bridging Molecular and Heterogeneous Electrocatalysis Through Graphite Conjugation."
By Prof. Yogesh Surendarath, Department of Chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology ...


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Connected devices, geolocation, trackers, browsing history, social networks... The report is without call: you are permanently tracked by your connected devices. And the digital data you leave behind is used and sold by data brokers. Want to regain control over your personal data? EPFL Library offers you a Data Detox cure. Read more about "Data Detox: regain control of your personal data"

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CODEV Seed Money program aims at financially support the launch of cooperation projects by researchers in all scientific disciplines at EPFL, in partnership with academic institutions in the Global South. Main objectives of the Seed Money programme Enable and foster the establishment of collaborative EPFL research projects with partners from the Global South with a ... Read more about "CODEV Seed Money call for projects"