Conferences - Seminars

  08:00-18:00 EPFL

Are you interested in shaping the future of radio and media? Registration to Radio Hack Europe is now open and is FREE for EPFL / UNIL employees, researchers, and students using the discount code HKSPO19LS. Register here Radio Hack Europe by Radiodays Europe is a 48-hour hackathon around the theme “Radio and media of tomorrow”, ... Read more about "Radio Hack Europe 2019 (29-31 March, EPFL) – Register Now!"
  09:00-16:00 Microcity Amphi, Neuchâtel

This annual meeting day has multiple objectives. One objective is to give our doctoral students a chance to get to know each other better and to network with other people interested in their research topic (the day is opened to a broader audience than EPFL). A second objective is to hear about other disciplines of ... Read more about "EDAM DAY"
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  16:30-17:30 INM 203

Bayesian models of opinion exchange are extensively studied in economics, dating back to the work of Aumann on the agreement theorem. An important class of such models features agents arranged on a network (representing, e.g., social interactions), with the network structure determining which agents communicate with each other. It is often argued that the Bayesian ... Read more about "Reasoning in Bayesian Opinion exchange Networks is Computationally Hard"
By Dr. Jan Hazla, MIT Jan Hązła is a Postdoctoral Associate ...
  17:10-20:00 CO 2

IMAGINE IF! is a fantastic opportunity to accelerate a scientific idea towards a business and unlike other competitions, it is the first truly global competition for healthcare science ventures. On December 12th we had announced the Swiss 10 finalists who entered the accelerator program. Since then, they have been working with their mentors to go ... Read more about "IMAGINE IF! Local Finals"
By Marc Gruber Vice President for Innovation at EPFL Diego Dupouy ...