Internal trainings

  09:00-12:00 INM 202

The objectives of the course are Reminder on basics in chemistry Recognising and managing some specific hazards and risks Utility and essential points of the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) Preventing events/ knowing how to choose safety equipment Storing chemicals and waste safely The training is addressed to people using chemicals at work and at home. Read more about "MANAGEMENT OF CHEMICAL HAZARDS AND RISKS - Complementary training"
By Sebastian Brücker
  09:30-11:30 RLC A1 230

Citing correctly requires the acquisition of the right habits. This workshop will walk you through various citation cases that you may encounter during the writing process of reports or publications. At the end of the workshop, you will be able to: Understand the stakes of citation Reuse different types of content without committing plagiarism Cite ... Read more about "Citation best practices"