Conferences - Seminars

  11:00-12:00 Campus Biotech H8 Auditorium D

To understand the cellular basis of behavior, it is necessary to know the cell types that exist in the nervous system and their contributions to function. Spinal networks are essential for sensory processing and motor behavior and provide a powerful system for identifying the cellular correlates of behavior. We sought to leverage the recent revolution ... Read more about "Seeing the Forest and the Trees: Single Nucleus Sequencing in the Spinal Cord"
By Dr Ariel Levine, NIH Neurological Institute NINDS, USA.
  12:15 SV 1717

DISTINGUISHED LECTURE IN BIOENGINEERING (sandwiches served) Abstract: Multicellular ecosystems such as biofilms, tissues, and whole organisms operate as highly integrated systems that link physical structure and biological function. In mammalian tissues, structure determines the effectiveness by which muscles generate force, lungs oxygenate blood, or glandular organs produce bile, milk, or saliva. Even at the level ... Read more about "Engineering 3D Culture Models of Physiology and Disease: How Simple is Complex Enough?"
By Prof. Christopher Chen, Boston University and Harvard Wyss Institute, Boston ...
  15:00-16:00 SV 1717

After an introduction to the 3R concept, the foundation Animalfree Research as well as some of its work is explained. The presentation continues to touch on some of the most pressing topics in science and animal welfare, such as the reproducibility crisis, the importance of open access and the influence of environment on in vivo ... Read more about "The 3Rs and Animalfree Research - projects, activities and challenges"
By Mrs. Stefanie Schindler, Co-CEO of the Animalfree Research Foundation
  08:00-18:00 STCC 0 7326

From 22 to 25 January, EPFL will be hosting the third workshop/meeting of FG-AI4H at the Swiss Tech Convention Center in Lausanne. With this email, I would like to inform you of our activities as well as extend an invitation to you and your colleagues to become involved in this important project. In particular, we ... Read more about "Artificial Intelligence for Health"
  12:15-13:15 SV 1717

Endocannabinoids have been well established as regulators of the neurobehavioral response to stress. This talk will focus on highlighting the neural circuits and mechanisms by which endocannabinoids have been found to modulate both neuroendocrine and behavioral responses to stress, with an emphasis on translational implications of these findings to human populations afflicted with stress-related neuropsychiatric ... Read more about "BMI SEMINAR // Matthew Hill - Endocannabinoid Regulation of Stress: Circuits and Translation"
By Matthew Hill, Hotchkiss Brain Institute, he Mathison Center, for Mental ...
  16:15 BC 410

Abstract Personal genomics is becoming increasingly popular, but mounting privacy concerns threaten to impede adoption. We propose a new, privacy-focused model for personal genomics that employs cryptography and decentralization to secure personal genomic data and outline various policy issues that should be considered if this model is to be adopted. Bio Dennis Grishin is CSO ... Read more about "Genomic data privacy in the age of personal genomics"
By Dennis Grishin, Harvard University/Nebula Genomics
  09:30-11:30 RLC A1 230

Citing correctly requires the acquisition of the right habits. This workshop will walk you through various citation cases that you may encounter during the writing process of reports or publications. At the end of the workshop, you will be able to: Understand the stakes of citation Reuse different types of content without committing plagiarism Cite ... Read more about "Citation best practices"
By EPFL Library teaching team
  Swiss Tech Convention Center

The Applied Machine Learning Days will take place from January 26th to 29th, 2019, at the Swiss Tech Convention Center on EPFL campus. It is now the largest and best-known Machine Learning event in Switzerland, and increasingly recognized as a major event in Europe. The event has a focus specifically on the applications of machine ... Read more about "Applied Machine Learning Days 2019"
By See our workshop sessions, the 16 featured tracks and the ...
  12:15-13:15 SV 1717

An ambitious goal of single-cell analyses is to describe dynamical biological processes and shed light on gene regulation. However, the destructive nature of transcriptomics measurements constitutes an immediate challenge to this purpose. To overcome this fundamental limit, we present a novel method capable of estimating “RNA velocity”: the time derivative of gene expression. We apply ... Read more about "BMI SEMINAR // Gioele La Manno - RNA velocity of single cells to unveil the developmental dynamics of the nervous system"
By Gioele La Manno, Neurodevelopmental systems biology lab, Brain Mind Institute ...