Conferences - Seminars

  14:00 BSP 727

Accurate regulation of gene expression is fundamental for the correct development of tissues in all living organisms. In mammals, control of gene expression relies critically on DNA sequences named enhancers, which are often located at very large genomic distances from the gene that they control. How such distant regulatory sequences act specifically on one or ... Read more about "Structure vs. Function: Chromosome architecture and the regulation of gene expression"
By Luca Giorgetti, Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research
  12:15-13:15 SV 1717

Sensory perception in the real world requires proper integration of different modality inputs. The process of multisensory integration is not uniform. It varies from individual to individual and changes at different behavioral states of the animal. What factors affect the multisensory integration? Here I present our recent findings on neural circuit mechanisms for modulation of ... Read more about "BMI Seminar // Modulation of multisensory integration in the posterior parietal cortex"
By Seung-Hee Lee, Department of Biological Sciences, KAIST, Republic of Korea ...
  16:15-17:15 MXF 1

15th NCCR MARVEL Distinguished Lecture Several physical observables of materials have their theoretical root in geometrical properties of the electronic ground state. To start with, I will outline the modern theory of the insulating state, which addresses all kinds of insulators (band, Mott, Anderson...), discriminating them from metals by means of a very simple geometrical ... Read more about "Geometrical observables of the electronic ground state"
By Raffaele Resta (Democritos IOM-CNR, Trieste, Italy)
  BC Building

EPFL Extension School’s Hands-On Data Workshops offer applied data science skills for every knowledge level. From taking your data skills beyond spreadsheets and into R, to intermediate data analytics with Python, to advanced Deep Learning techniques, you’ll find a workshop that fits your background and learning goals. The Hands-On Data Workshops are a great way ... Read more about "Hands-On Data Workshops"