Conferences - Seminars

  12:15 SV 1717

Pathogen properties in infected host tissues are crucial for disease and control. Novel single-cell technologies reveal an astonishing diversity of pathogen cells with disparate molecular compositions, fates, and impact on overall disease progression. A current key challenge is to understand the relation between these various pathogen subsets and their respective host microenvironments. As a first ... Read more about "Single-cell biology of Salmonella in infected host tissues"
By Dirk Bumann, Biozentrum, University of Basel
  09:00-18:00 EPFL

Conducting research is an integral part of our everyday lives. However, most of us didn’t get straightforward, practical information to some of the more crucial knowledge and skills needed when setting out to do a research project. Because such knowledge is essential for a successful career not only in the academia but also in the ... Read more about "Project management for Successful Postdocs"
  08:30-15:00 SV 1717

General assembly and user's day.The opportunity to get updates on the instruments and the science going on at CIME. This year we have invited Prof. Thomas Walz from The Rockefeller University to give a inspiring invited talk. We will have presentations from our CIME staff members and three submitted posters will be selected for a ... Read more about "CIME DAY 2018"
By Speakers: Prof. Thomas Walz, Graham Knott, Thomas La Grange, Cosmin ...
  17:00-18:00 BCH 5310

Eric Valeur is Associate Director for New Modalities at AstraZeneca. He is driving research within the chemical space at the interface of small and large molecules. His present research interests include small molecules, peptides, macrocycles, oligonucleotides and conjugates thereof. Read more about "Fusion and connection of classical and new chemical modalities for ‘undruggable’ targets"
By Dr. Eric Valeur, AstraZeneca