N-03X67 - an exhibition by Sarah Oppenheimer


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Date 18.01.2024 18.02.2024
Hour 11:0018:00
Speaker Sarah Oppenheimer, artist in residence at EPFL
Category Exhibitions
Event Language French, English, German, Italian, Other
Sarah Oppenheimer is an architectural manipulator. She creates circulatory pathways that establish unexpected kinesthetic and visual relays between bodies and buildings. Gestural manipulation of interwoven instruments alters the contours of surrounding architecture. Rhythms and timescales of living systems flow from body to building and back again. The viewer is transformed into an agent of spatial change.
Buildings are intelligent systems. As living cells, their boundaries mediate flow. N-03X67 is a kinetic network intertwined within this existing metabolic relay. Sited along EPFL Pavilions’ glass façade, seven elongated pneumatic instruments subdivide the glass wall.

Interwoven within and between existing façade mullions, pathways are set in motion by human touch. An architectural array tips and turns in response to human action: sliding a horizontal bar tilts its vertical counterpart. Operating at atmospheric pressure and activated by touch, human energy extends across architectural surface.

Linked by air, N-03X67 is a pneumatic network composed of actuators, cylinders, valves and dampers. Sliding an instrument directs airflow along a set of circulatory pathways, creating loops of cause and effect. Air is routed and re-routed. Code to determine routing between actuators has evolved in collaboration with the Laboratory of Intelligent Systems. Informed by their research into neural networks and learning algorithms, N-03X67 is a material manifestation of an energetic circuit.

An intimate, tactile energy radiates across the museum’s boundary, re-shaping the contours of a public sphere. Sensory encounters blur the boundaries between public and private, interior and exterior, exhibition space and landscape.          

Oppenheimer’s recent solo exhibitions include Sensitive Machine (Wellin Museum of Art, USA 2021), N-01 (Kunstmu-seum Thun, Switzerland 2020), S-337473 (Mass MoCA, USA 2019), S-337473 (Wexner Center for the Arts, USA 2017), S-281913 (Pérez Art Museum Miami, USA 2016), S-399390 (MUDAM Luxembourg 2016) and 33-D (Kunsthaus Baselland, Switzerland 2014). Oppenheimer’s work has also been exhibited at ZKM, the Baltimore Museum, the Andy Warhol Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, Art Unlimited at Art Basel, the Mattress Factory, the Drawing Center, and the Sculpture Center.
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