Conferences - Seminars

  17:15 BCH 2201

Chemical reactions at gas-solid interfaces are of great importance in many heterogeneous processes such as catalysis, corrosion, and material fabrication. In this talk, dynamics of several prototypical surface processes, including dissociative chemisorption, Eley-Rideal reactions, and desorption, are explored theoretically on metal surfaces. Classical trajectories either on analytical potential energy surfaces or with forces calculated on ... Read more about "Dynamics of Surface Reactions: Reactant Mode Specificity and Product Energy Disposal"
By Prof. Hua Guo
Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
University ...
  14:00-15:00 CM 1 100

I will discuss new results towards the birational boundedness of low-dimensional elliptic Calabi-Yau varieties, joint work with Gabriele Di Cerbo. Recent work in the minimal model program suggests that pairs with trivial log canonical class should satisfy some boundedness properties. I will show that 4-dimensional Calabi-Yau pairs which are not birational to a product are ... Read more about "On the boundedness of Calabi-Yau varieties in low dimension"
By Roberto Svaldi (University of Cambridge)
  PO 01

Workshop in honour of Anthony C. Davison on the occasion of his 60th birthday Read more about "Data, Models and Statistical Inference"

Powder-diffraction methods have demonstrated an ever increasing range of applications in materials science, chemistry, physics, life sciences and engineering. Modern synchrotron-radiation methods not only provide data of exceptional quality, but have allowed researchers to perform previously inaccessible experiments. Along with determining the atomic structure and the relative abundance of crystalline phases in bulk samples, information ... Read more about "CCMX/PSI Powder Diffraction Summer School - Modern Synchrotron Methods"
By Prof. Mingji Dai, Purdue University, Department of Chemistry, West Lafayette ...
  09:00-17:00 BI A0 448

The goal of this workshop is to find translations and connections between various approaches to compute partition functions and, at the same time, advance the state-of-the-art in each. Read more about "Theoretical Challenges in Partition Functions"
  09:00-17:00 CO 120

This workshop puts participants to practice lecturing by presenting 5 minutes of their teaching. Advice and feedback is given based to develop scientific communication skills appropriate for teaching Read more about "Effective Lecturing"
By Ingrid Le Duc
  13:00-16:30 CO 120

What are good reasons to flip a class? What do students and teachers actually do in a flipped class? This workshop will introduce the participants to the various forms of flipped classroom designs and to the different instructional techniques that can be used. Hands-on activities will allow the participants to work on the design of ... Read more about "Flipping a Class from 0 to 180"
  13:30-17:00 CO 120

With the use of concept maps you can structure a course that integrates learning outcomes, course content and students’ learning activities. Read more about "Course Design"
  09:00-12:30 CO 120

In this workshop, we explore the potential of clickers for learning and discuss the challenges related to questioning in class, in particular the design of 'good' questions and the use of polling results for generating interactivity in class. Read more about "The art of questioning: teaching with clickers"