Conferences - Seminars

  08:45-15:45 SV1717

Open symposium organized by the COST Action GREEKC (Gene Regulation Ensemble Effort for Kwnoledge Commons). Read more about "Gene Regulatory Elements : From Data to Models To Software"
By Tim Hughes, Harmen Bussemaker, Sachi Inukai, Tim Bailey, Erik van ...
  11:00-12:00 AI 1153

BIOENGINEERING SEMINAR Abstract: The promise of bioprinting organs whenever necessary has become a concept within our grasps. But only an handful of extracellular matrix proteins are available for printing and often from non-human sources and usually in a non-native state. Moreover, the Human Cell Atlas project is still in its infancy and the references for ... Read more about "How (not) to Bioprint an Organ"
By Prof. Emmanuel Reynaud, University College Dublin (IRL)
  13:00-16:30 CO 120

Demonstrations have been used to make lectures more interesting and accessible for a very long time – but is there any point in investing time and effort into demonstrations in the age of smartphones and instant YouTube clips? This workshop will discuss this question, as well as give practical tips on designing and using demonstrations ... Read more about "Lecture Demonstrations in the age of YouTube"
By Ilya Eigenbrot