Conferences - Seminars

  12:15 SV 1717

DISTINGUISHED LECTURE IN BIOENGINEERING (sandwiches served) Abstract: Multicellular ecosystems such as biofilms, tissues, and whole organisms operate as highly integrated systems that link physical structure and biological function. In mammalian tissues, structure determines the effectiveness by which muscles generate force, lungs oxygenate blood, or glandular organs produce bile, milk, or saliva. Even at the level ... Read more about "Engineering 3D Culture Models of Physiology and Disease: How Simple is Complex Enough?"
By Prof. Christopher Chen, Boston University and Harvard Wyss Institute, Boston ...
  15:00-16:00 SV 1717

SPECIAL SEMINAR Abstract: After an introduction to the 3R concept, the foundation Animalfree Research as well as some of its work is explained. The presentation continues to touch on some of the most pressing topics in science and animal welfare, such as the reproducibility crisis, the importance of open access and the influence of environment ... Read more about "The 3Rs and Animalfree Research - Projects, Activities and Challenges"
By Stefanie Schindler, Co-CEO of the Animalfree Research Foundation
  08:00-18:00 STCC 0 7326

From 22 to 25 January, EPFL will be hosting the third workshop/meeting of FG-AI4H at the Swiss Tech Convention Center in Lausanne. With this email, I would like to inform you of our activities as well as extend an invitation to you and your colleagues to become involved in this important project. In particular, we ... Read more about "Artificial Intelligence for Health"