Conferences - Seminars

  12:15 SV 1717

The bacterial flagellar motor is the most complex rotary motor identified in biology. A central transmembrane rotor spins at up to 1300Hz against a ring of ion translocating stators attached to the cell wall, rotating an external helical flagellum to push the bacterium forward. The evolutionally related T3SS used the equivalent of the rotor to ... Read more about "Remodelling a motor on the go: Dynamic exchange in the bacterial flagellar motor and Type 3 secretion system and possible roles in motor function"
By Judith Armitage, University of Oxford, UK

Inaugural lectures - Honorary Lecture

  17:15-18:15 SV 1717

Stimulating the human brain to enhance brain function and behaviour, and especially to treat patients suffering from neuropsychiatric diseases is a dream and goal in clinical and behavioural neuroscience since more than 2000 years. First reports applying non-invasive electrical stimulation delivered by discharges of electro-fish to the brain are dating back to 50 AC (Scribonius ... Read more about "Inaugural Lecture // Neuromodulation of the cerebral cortex – a tale of 2000 years"
By Prof. Dr. med. Friedhelm Hummel Defitech Chair of Clinical Neuroengineering ...

Sporting events


On May 1st, the challenge Bike to Work 2018 begins for a new edition until June 30th. In 2017, 646 students and members of staff formed 191 teams and covered 189,000 km, the equivalent of traveling almost five times round the Earth. It is our turn to take up the challenge and break this record! ... Read more about "Bike to Work"

Call for proposal


The goal of the National Research Programme 74 "Smarter Health Care" is to study how healthcare provision is organised and used in Switzerland and point out possible solutions. The focus lies on prevention and the treatment of patients with multiple chronic illnesses. The aim of this second targeted call is to attract research projects which ... Read more about "[SNSF – NRP74 “Smarter Health Care”]"