Conferences - Seminars

  08:30-15:00 SV 1717

General assembly and user's day.The opportunity to get updates on the instruments and the science going on at CIME. This year we have invited Prof. Thomas Walz from The Rockefeller University to give a inspiring invited talk. We will have presentations from our CIME staff members and three submitted posters will be selected for a ... Read more about "CIME DAY 2018"
By Speakers: Prof. Thomas Walz, Graham Knott, Thomas La Grange, Cosmin ...
  17:00-18:00 BCH 5310

Eric Valeur is Associate Director for New Modalities at AstraZeneca. He is driving research within the chemical space at the interface of small and large molecules. His present research interests include small molecules, peptides, macrocycles, oligonucleotides and conjugates thereof. Read more about "Fusion and connection of classical and new chemical modalities for ‘undruggable’ targets"
By Dr. Eric Valeur, AstraZeneca
  13:00-14:00 BCH 5310

With a foundation in chemical synthesis, the laboratory of Christian Olsen explores the function of small molecules, peptides, peptidomimetics, and proteins in biological systems. They are focusing on peptidomimetic secondary structures with potential as antimicrobial agents, as non-proteinogenic ligands for disruption of protein–protein interactions, and for multivalent display. They are also exploring naturally occurring macrocyclic ... Read more about "Chemical tools for investigating histone deacetylase (HDAC) enzymes"
By Prof. Christian Adam Olsen, University of Copenhagen


  15:30-16:00 SV 1204

After the success from two years ago, the BIOP is once again organizing an exhibit in the SV hall that would allow all those interested, from any EPFL Faculty, to share the beauty of their images and videos representing cells, tissues, organisms,… The exhibit will take place from 26 February till 9 March 2018 in ... Read more about "Seeing Life Science: 2018 Edition"


  09:00-12:30 BI A2 468

What are good reasons to flip a class? What do students and teachers actually do in a flipped class? This workshop will introduce the participants to the various forms of flipped classroom designs and to the different instructional techniques that can be used. Hands-on activities will allow the participants to work on the design of ... Read more about "Flipping a Class from 0 to 180"


  CHUV, César Roux Auditorium, BH 08 Rue du Bugnon 46, 1011 Lausanne

The symposium will be dedicated to students and post-docs, who will have the opportunity to present their work, either via poster or oral presentation after abstracts selection by the organizing committee. Registration is free for LIMNA members but mandatory ( Deadline for abstracts submission: April 3, 2018. Registration deadline: April 24, 2018. 10 abstracts will ... Read more about "REGISTRATION IS OPEN: 11th Lausanne Integrative Metabolism and Nutrition Alliance (LIMNA) symposium"
By Prof. Béatrice Desvergne, Center for Integrative Genomics, UNIL, Lausanne, Switzerland ...