Conferences - Seminars

  10:15 BC 420

Abstract: Outsourced storage is by now strikingly prevalent for individuals and enterprises. Cloud storage providers (CSPs) use deduplication for saving bandwidth and storage which helped them to reduce the costs tremendously. Deduplication is the process by which CSPs only store one copy of each file, irrespective of how many times that file is uploaded. Client-side ... Read more about "Mitigating Side Channels in Deduplicating Cloud Storage"
By Dr. Mohsen Toorani, Department of Informatics, University of Bergen
  19:00-20:00 MED 3 2215

The Mediterranean monk seal is, according the marine biologists, the marine mammal closest to extinction in the world. Still according to scientists, there are about 500-1000 individuals left in the Mediterranean sea. One of the problems biologists are facing is their difficulty to approach and study these animals, as the Med monk seals have adapted ... Read more about "Installing autonomous seal cameras in the Mediterranean Sea"
By Julien Pfyffer, Andy Guinand (


  11:00-18:00 Bâtiment ArtLab

Situé dans la partie nord du bâtiment ArtLab, ouvert sur l’Esplanade, le Datasquare est dédié à une exposition de longue durée sur la thématique du big data, ici incarnée par deux grands projets scientifiques de l'EPFL: Blue Brain Project et Venice Time Machine. Ces deux projets, particulièrement complexes, sont mis en valeur dans des présentations ... Read more about "Datasquare - une immersion dans l'univers du big data"
By Blue Brain Project, Venice Time Machine


  18:30-21:00 PO 094.0

MoveOn, a commission of Agepoly, offer free disco-fox lessons. Disco-fox is a couple dance that is performed on current music, on what you can hear on the radio for example. The lessons take place in the Polydôme at EPFL on Tuesdays. 18h30 : Hustle (4-count disco-fox, recommended for complete beginners) 19h45 : Disco-fox, with choreography ... Read more about "MoveOn - Free dance lessons"
By Mike Bardet, Eva Lorendeaux

Pendant trois semaines, toute la communauté EPFL est invitée à participer à Act for Change Food, un Challenge à relever en équipe pour expérimenter un mode de vie plus durable sur le campus! Act for Change Food ! L’objectif de cette édition consacrée à l’alimentation est d’amener la communauté EPFL à prendre conscience des impacts ... Read more about "Act for Change Food"

Internal trainings

  18:15-21:00 Octanis Microverse

At Octanis, we develop pragmatic, open source and low cost solutions to practical problems. Currently, we are working on developing digital nestboxes for barn owls and a rover that takes measurements of the snow surface in Antarctica. We share experiences and tools, and make rapid incremental progress while embracing failure. Above all, we accept everyone ... Read more about "Maker-Night @ Octanis"